Will Epperly 2022 World Champion Auctioneer Podcast Now Availabke

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2022 World Champion Auctioneer Will Epperly Of Western Iowa Joins MLC’s “The Big Show Podcast” Wednesday June 22, 2022 #NowPosted

Matt Lautner & Burke Holvey Host!!

Show Highlights:
-Will Epperly Mount Rushmore Auctioneers
-Will Epperly Origin Story
-What Country Music Has To Do With Auctioneer Chanting
-Could MLC Be An Auctioneer? Will Answers!!
-Burke Holvey Tells Angus Origin Story Of Will Epperly In Virginia!
-C’s Get Degrees In College !!

Will Epperly News Article:

It Was A Great One!!

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