Wednesday NGNG Update!

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Wednesday NGNG Update!

1.) Ty Stebben No Guts No Glory x Irish Whiskey Steer 2nd High Steer @ $6500 Yesterday At NILE Calf Auction In Billings, Montana #NGNG #ClearOutWest #DoingTheJob

2.) Dale Schwartz Family Purchases NGNG x Monopoly Steer Raised By Randy Golightly On MLC Offering On SC Tuesday Night 

Dale Schwartz called MLC before the sale to see how long the exciting steer prospect had been on feed….and we reported a short amount of time…in fact when we woke up Tuesday morning Randy Golightly called us on the phone for the first time this fall…..said he had been seeing all the NGNG steers doing well on the internet this fall and wanted us to come look at one he had weaned a few days ago….well at MLC when a calf arrives before noon…he can be washed and offered the very same day on MLC @ SC!

Good luck to the Schwartz family on this high quality steer this year!

3.) Viral video of Blaine Rodgers brockle NGNG steer has been viewed an amazing 11,000 times on the various social media platforms in 14 hours!!

Offered 10.20 on SC @ Blaine Rodgers offering!

4.) Finally a useful story about a trip that MLC took to deliver online purchases to customers in Oklahoma and Kansas. Pat Wiese called Sunday to inform us he had 2 NGNG steers fresh in that he thought might be useful for retail outlets that are trying to win shows….well by the time we got there on our way to Kansas….24 hours later…SL Craft had already purchased the NGNG x MAB steer. The NGNG x Here I Am steer was also outstanding but was priced at $10,000 and just a little higher priced than what MLC invests on holdover steers.

Good luck Pat….we bet one of the big boys gets him!

SL Craft’s NGNG x MAB steer currently standing in Anadarko, Oklahoma and offered privately @ $10,000!

Good Luck SL…we sure wish we had more homes to send a calf like that to in Oklahoma! #GoodOne #NGNG #Consistent

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