Sneak Peak Preview!!!

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Sneak Peak Preview!!!

Page 2 & 3 Matt Lautner Cattle 2020 Sire Catalog!!

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MLC’s Greeting:
2020 is upon us!! There has never been a more exciting time to be in the show cattle business!

2019 offered MLC a unique opportunity to wind row a high % of the best No Guts No Glory calves from across the USA.

This strategy has returned our show cattle customers more success during the current show season than any other year in our 20 years in the business.

With more widespread use and unmatched consistency it will be harder for MLC to wind row at that high % rate again in the fall of 2020 as show families and show cattle marketers catch up to the trend that NGNG calves are just better in terms of desired phenotype that allows them to be extra stylish and sounder moving than others but also the right body length and stoutness level to compete at the highest levels at the biggest shows as a prospect and as a fat steer!

If you are a spectator or currently on the fence about the facts….sit back and enjoy the show….its going to be fun to watch….carrier cows….clean cows…colored cows…black cows….breed em all No Guts No Glory….those who do will be rewarded!

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