Iowa Bidoff Weekend Has Concluded!!

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Iowa Bidoff Weekend Has Concluded!!

But Good Things Come To Those Who Wait…High Powered & High Caliber Offering At The “Best Of Both Worlds” Online Event @ Nelson England & Jason Minnaert In Illinois Next Tuesday On SC (October 22) #BestOfBothWorlds

NEVER before has a premeire online event with national caliber show steers and show heifers been offered after the yearly Tracy Goretska October bid off!!!

If bidding on the first string at Goretska didn’t work out in your favor…head to Oneida, Illinois & Atkinson, Illinois to preview the online offering for Tuesday’s event on SC Online!!! #BestOfBothWorlds #SC #England #Minnaert

Make 2020 your families best show year to date!!! #GunnaBeFun #FirstStringersOffered

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