From Cale Went | Nebraska | Full Brother To Breed Lautner’s “Royal Blend” Sells For $35,000 In Online Sale On SC Online Sales | #BreedLautner | Call/Text Matt Lautner Cattle Office @ 515.391.9540 To Lease Breed Lautner’s “Royal Blend” For Fall Born Breeding

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Hey Matt we got that heatwave steer sold for $35,000 last night. Just letting you know if you wanted to use it for your high seller list. He was a full brother to Royal Blend. Raised by Rory and Cale Went. Thanks

 Sold For $35,000 | Full Brother To Breed Lautner’s “Royal Blend”  

Breed Lautner’s “Royal Blend” | Heat Wave x Paddy | For Lease This Fall Thru Matt Lautner Cattle | Call/Text 515.391.9540