#BreederSpotlight #Video Darren Rismiller, Ohio

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BreederSpotlight #Video

Darren Rismiller: Greenville, Ohio

HinterRismiller NGNG from Matt Lautner on Vimeo.

A part of the excitement at Matt Lautner Cattle is getting out in the spring to meet new customers and helping them get their top prospects into high level show families.

In 2020 the Darren Rismiller family of Ohio raised a high quality No Guts No Glory embryo calf out their Monopoly/Char donor cow. The steer and his littermates were raised by 1st calf heifer purebred Holstein recip mothers. It was quite the sight seeing these stout baby calves nursing their Holstein mothers. We always said that’s why this calf is so chubby because his mother’s glorious high nutrition Holstein milk while nursing 😀😀 #DairyFarmsMatter

Congrats Rismiller family….we look forward to what your 2021 calf crop will bring to the show circuit!

Also good luck to Tegun Hitner family of Wyoming in future showings with “Slim Shady” #NGNG



FamilyFun #WinterShowSeason

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