Available For Immediate Summer Lease #FirstComeFirstServe


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Available For Immediate Summer Lease #FirstComeFirstServe

MLC’s “Sioux Empire” #PBHereford
Pedigree: Unleashed Keepsake 1110 ET x Zoey 3Z
Birthdate: 2015
-High Selling Hereford Bull @ 2016 Sioux Empire Farm Show

“Purebred Hereford bull that has proven to cross well on purebred and crossbred females, just ask Chuck Ringkob in South Dakota. Birthweight is a plus here on a clubbier looking PB Hereford bull. Maternal brother to Jason Hoffman’s Perfecto bull from the Zoey 3Z donor”

Call/Text Matt Lautner Cattle Office At 515.391.9540 To Arrange Trucking Or Pickup