Show Judge: Barry Nowatzke, IndianaSteer Show Entries: 390#

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From Brack Briscoe @ VCCP Jackpot In Harrisonburg, Virginia That Completed Massive 1 Day Cattle Show In 1 Long Day On Saturday January 30, 2021

Show Judge: Barry Nowatzke, Indiana
Steer Show Entries: 390#

Grand Champion Steer
2021 VCCP Jackpot | Harrisonburg, Virginia
Shown By Taylor Hobbs
Sold By Bonham Show Cattle, Tolle, Hobbs, Briscoe
Sired By Monopoly/Monopoly Clone

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Matt Lautner Cattle’s 18 Month Old Picture Of Our New 100% MLC Owned “Monopoly Clone” Pic From Summer 2020…..Watch For Full Listing Of Monopoly Clones At MLC Releasing In February In Our 2021 Sire Catalog

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Call/Text Matt Lautner Cattle Office At 515.391.9540 To Order Semen For Shipment Today

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