Trump Growing Coalition

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Candid Interaction Between Comrade Jack Dorsey (Twitter Owner) & Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit Online News) On Twitter From Wednesday Evening

Mr. Dorsey Has Been An Advocate & Participant In Certain Social Justice Causes While Manipulating His Platform Before & After The Election To Favor The 8 Million Vote Candidate Joey Biden

Recently Twitter Permanently Terminated A Sitting President’s Access To Communicating With American Citizens By Blocking DJT Twitter Account

Jack, This Is From MLC….We Wish You Continued Business Losses On Top Of The Estimated $51 Billion In Lost Market Value Between Twitter & Facebook Since Punting The 100 Million Real Vote Candidate Donald Trump #HesWayMoreOfAPrincipledManThanYouWillEverBe

HistoryIsWatching #SavingAmerica #TrumpsCoalition

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