• SIRE

    Monopoly 7

  • DAM

    Chad Thompson Lois Lane Donor

  • DOB

    February 2017

  • BW

    85 Pounds


    THC / PHAF / DSF

Superman was the the bull at National Western Stock Show backed up by the most full and maternal brothers that have sold for incredibly high sale prices that went on to win some of the country’s largest cattle shows. Superman’s donor dam “Lois Lane” has grossed over $400,000 in lifetime progeny sales for Chad Thompson of South Dakota. Donor Lois Lane top selling steers have commanded $60,000, $46,000 & $30,000 to the Morrow & Boersen families and went on to win all over the country including Badger Kickoff Classic, Michigan Winter Beef Show and Michigan Livestock Expo. We were fortunate to win the bid on Superman in Chad Thompson Fall sale on now we are proud to offer him to the public in 2018!