Idaho and Wahington

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Monopoly R-2

Monopoly R-2

Monopoly side view R-1

Monopoly Rear R-1

Heat Wave Steer

Leroy Brown Heifer


We have never met, however I thought I would start with you. About 18 months ago I was struggling to get my hands on any Heat Wave semen and called your dad direct to solicit his help. He rounded up some semen and agreed to ship me 50 straws and in the process asked if I would please try 10 straws of Monopoly (wish we would have bought more at that time). Anyway, we have two of what I think are really good Monopoly steers, another good HW steer and a really cool Leroy Brown heifer. Historically we have sold our calves in Idaho, Eastern Washington kind of market and in the process sold some calves that were better than needed locally. That being said, I’m looking for some help / ideas on marketing these calves to help maximize their potential.

Eddie Davis

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