Hunter Biden’s Laptop

  • SIRE

    Jesse James

  • DAM

    Fu Man Chu/Snider Honey Boo Boo (Simple Man)

  • DOB

    February 2020

  • BW

    58 lbs

  • Status

    TH Free / PHA Free / DS Free

  • Raised By

    Brandon & Charlene Snider, OH

  • Owned With

    Brandon & Charlene Snider, OH

The most exciting new calving ease sire at Matt Lautner Cattle in many years, Backed up by 3 generations of calving ease genetics. “HBL” brings back the Jesse James calving ease line with a modern flavor on the bottom side. We like his long-term performance and growth for a calving ease bull and we look forward to the exciting calves this stud bull will throw for many years to come!