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Reserve Grand Champion Breeding Heifer

2011 Iowa State University Block & Bridle

Shown by Eric Meyer

Sold as Tag 15 on our 2010 Sale

Sold with Greg Recknor

Raised by Rasmussen Sired by Monopoly

Reserve Grand Champion Steer

2011 Iowa State University Alpha Gamma Rho

Shown by Stalcup Family

Sold by Wade Rodgers

Sired by Monopoly


Check out the Lautner sired champions tab at the top of the page, we have cataloged over 120 show winners previously featured on the blog from the Denver Prospect Show thru the Ohio Beef Expo. (2 month time span)

Fom Dana Hall (Nebraska)

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hey matt this is dana hall. our tiger calves look good. could u send me a few of your new catalogs please? i could use a couple for at school and a neighbor of mine is impressed with the calves and would like to look at a catalog. our address is 505 rd P
McCool Junction, NE 68401