• SIRE

    Bleedin Purple

  • DAM

    Harkema Montana Maine Donor

  • DOB

    May 1, 2017


    Michael Greiner, Iowa

  1. History Lesson For The Younger Generation:
    Original Bleedin Purple was born in 2004 and was successfully displayed by MLC at the 2005 National Western Stock Show. He was praised as one of the leading Heat Wave sons of the time and was actually two years ahead of Monopoly in terms of descending from a Heat Wave x Angus cross. Monopoly being born in 2006 and displayed in Denver in 2007.
  2. Untimely & unfortunate end for Bleedin Purple:
    In January 2006 while on lease in Texas Bleedin Purple passed away due to bloat. He was young and only had semen collected from his rookie year. That semen has since fluctuated in price as high as $700/Unit.
  3. Recent success for Bleedin Purple progeny:
    While most club calf bulls are here today and gone tomorrow Bleedin Purple calves quality and consistency have stood the course of time and enjoyed their most successful year in 2017, 13 years after Bleedin Purple was born.
  4. We have always looked for an outstanding Bleedin Purple son and in the fall of 2017 we finally found what we were looking for:
    Michael Greiner contacted us in the fall of 2017 about a younger bull with tremendous potential. He stated that Mark Copus wanted to purchase him for a Fort Worth Steer but he thought he might make a better bull prospect.
    After we got him home, John Maples was by the show barn to view a December sale group @ MLC. He also pressed us to sell him for a holdover steer.
    The opportunity to add Bleedin Purple genetics back into the market place was too exciting for us to resist. So we now introduce Bleedin Purple 2, new in 2018 @ MLC! #BreedLautner