Next Generation

  • SIRE

    Here I Am

  • DAM

    Kendall Bremer #322 Donor ( PB Maine by I-80)

  • Breed

    50% Maine - Reg # F507669

  • DOB

    March 2019

  • BW

    82 Pounds

  • Raised By

    Kendall Bremer, Iowa

Th Carrier / PHA Free / DS Carrier

The best pair of brothers ever displayed in Denver featured side by side in 2020 during National Western Stock Show at MLC stalls! The legend of the Kendall Bremer #322 (PB Maine By I-80) donor grows larger with each passing year and her 2020 calves probably put her in the lead as the most sought after donor in the show cattle industry today! 

When you study Heroes & Legends + Next Generation phenotype its overwhelming the amount of show ring quality and high quality skeletal design. When you consider these guys are half blood Maine becomes easier to see why the whole Denver Stock Show was soo excited for future years as these two brothers enter the market place. 

Ross Howards Here I Am x #322 has is undefeated as of catalog printing going 3 for 3 Grand Champion selections at the prestigious Hoosier Beef Congress, Nebraska AGR & VCCP over a total of 1000 head in the early 2019/2020 show season. Watch for him. 

Add that success to her previous accomplishments of Aaron Suhr's (HIA x #322) 17 time grand champion in 2017, a $70,000 Here I Am x #322 for Jacob Tusa and Tracy Goretska in 2017, and her first born calf being MLS's "Simplify" (Simplicity x #322) the 2016 Maine Anjou show bull of the year.

That is unmatched genetic power and consistency. Add these two powerhouse sons of the Kendall Bremer #322 donor to your 2020 breeding plans and be on the front edge of the excitement next sale season.