• SIRE


  • DAM

    1405 Donor MAB x MAB'S Dam

  • DOB

    March 2019

  • BW

    85 Pounds

  • Raised By

    Tim Shook, Greg Walker, Briggs, Oklahoma

Th Carrier / PHA Free / DS Carrier

Outstanding cherry red sire here! As we make our spring travels each year we try to be thorough in each state and that sometimes doesn't allow to go straight to the top bulls we get calls and pictures on each year. We asked our good pal Shane Sturgeon to go bird dog (get an eye on him) this guy in early May and the report we got back from Shane was we prolly needed to get there sooner rather than later. A consistent and powerful red sire is tops on our list of things the industry is in need of. This guy has such a unique and rare bloodline, we are definitely going to be using him on our char influence females for the exotic colors without the rat tails. An outstanding individual, breed with confidence! Thank you to "them boys from Oklahoma" Shook, Briggs & Walker for giving us the first opportunity to purchase him. We are going to make you proud!